You should not neglect writing the Meta description tag, even if it officially has no direct impact on your Google ranking. Discover in this article how a good description (and title) can greatly improve your SEO.

The importance of Title and Meta Description

The Title tag and especially the Meta Description are two elements often overlooked by webmasters. Just look at the results offered by search engines to see that a large number of Meta Description are simply not filled or optimized and only offer the first words present in the article. However, these two elements are those that appear in the search results and are those that will allow a user to make a decision when choosing a page rather than another on the simple criterion that a page is more likely to provide him with the information he is looking for or not. Title and Meta Description are the two factors that will greatly influence a user's choice between the different results offered by search engines.

The CTR is not only based on the position of your page

We have known for a long time that when a page is well positioned in the results, it gets a certain % of visits depending on its position. One study indicates that this % also varies according to the number of keywords used in the search and a number of other factors. Thus, people using only one keyword in their search will consult on average 50% of the first result provided, whereas in a search including 3 or 4 keywords, this percentage drops to about 33%. The reason is quite simple, a user who searches using 3 or 4 keywords searches for very specific information and will consult much more the titles and descriptions to find the page that will offer him the exact information he is looking for. This is even truer with Long Tail and searches with a large number of keywords (greater than 5). The attractiveness of the title and description then becomes very important because the user will focus his choice on the page whose title and description seems best suited to provide him with the information he is looking for. So depending on the attractiveness of your title and description, your CTR can change radically.

How can CTR influence your SEO?

A very large number of people say that for Google the Meta description has no influence on SEO. That's not true! The Meta description does not have a direct influence on SEO but has a very important indirect influence. After performing many tests on the Meta Description, it is clear that the title and description have a major impact on SEO through the CTR. Indeed, when you get a CTR that is higher than the average CTR you should get with the position you are in, Google considers that your page is more attractive and interesting than the one before you and will gradually make you take up places. This obviously only works if your page is at least of similar quality to that of the competition (bounce rate, time spent, interaction, etc.). If your TRQ is higher than the normal TRQ you should have depending on your position, you will gain positions.