software system

How to design, develop, integrate and secure powerful software system?

The witekio is concerned with the procedures and methods used to design powerful software and associated systems. The immediate implantation of integrated-based software systems that preserve confidential information and perform vital functions has heightened interest in developing secure software. Present…

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Visual content storage

Visual content storage: find an online photo platform

Whether you are a family individual, a businessperson or a marketer, visual content will always be a massive part of your daily activities. Visual content includes the likes of videos, photos and illustrations. Although having many of these can be…

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Web design: 10 errors that impact your SEO and conversions

If the design of your website influences your conversion rate its impact on your SEO is also to be taken into account when developing your SEO strategy. The design of your website contributes to the success of your business. Your…

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How to use parallax on the Web

You may have heard of it before, but perhaps the term seemed barbaric to you. The parallax effect is increasingly used in web design. It consists in moving elements of the page at different speeds when the scroll user. This…

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