Whether you are a family individual, a businessperson or a marketer, visual content will always be a massive part of your daily activities. Visual content includes the likes of videos, photos and illustrations. Although having many of these can be a good thing, especially for marketers, proper management and storage pose a significant challenge for many individuals. That is where visual content storage agencies, such as online photo platforms and stock image sites, step in. On top of helping you store and manage all your digital images, online photo platforms provide a haven for years of memories. On the other hand, uploading your images to stock photo platforms such as DepositPhoto allow you to store them while also earning a commission from downloads.

What are Stock Photo Platforms?

Stock photo platforms are sites that allow individuals to search and download photos for commercial and editorial purposes, among others. For instance, depositphotos provide royalty-free images that are charter-free and accredited. This stock photo platform boasts over 180 million downloadable high-quality images. Professional photographers and designers that provide the pictures for depositphotos earn a commission whenever someone downloads their photo.

Benefits of Using Online Photo Platforms

Here are some of the top benefits of using online image platforms.
  • Back-up Storage – With online photo storage, you would not lose your images in case of unexpected damages or loss of your device.
  • Easy Access – You can access your uploaded images anywhere in the world, anytime and through any device.
  • Proper organization – With a simple user interface, these online photo platforms ensure easy and excellent organization of photos.

How to Find the Best Online Photo Platform

With many options to consider in the market, it can be challenging to find the best online photo platform today. Additionally, there are a lot of things to think about before choosing the best online image site. Here are some of the factors you should consider before choosing an online photo platform.

Amount of Online Space

Before choosing an online photo platform, it is good to find out how much online storage space you would need for your visual content. Different online image platforms would provide you with varied storage spaces depending on your needs. You should check out the following to determine how much online storage space you need for your visual content.
  • Total size of files you intend to store – This would involve digging around your drives and identifying all the files and folders you want to upload. Once you complete the identification process, the next step is to get the total size of the files and folders. Next, multiply the number you get by at least two and you would get the amount of online storage space you need.
  • Types of Files – Often, the types of files you intend to upload determine how much online storage space you would need. For instance, a professional photographer would require more space than a family person who wants to upload images taken using a smartphone. Therefore, ensure you determine what type of files you want to store before choosing an online photo platform.

Privacy of Images

The privacy of your uploaded images is the other thing you should look at before you choose an online photo platform. Do you want other people to be able to browse your images or are they just for you? If you're going to store personal pictures, it may be a good idea to choose online photo platforms that offer private storage spaces. However, if you would not mind other people browsing through your images, you can choose any available options.

Free or Paid Storage Services

Before choosing an online photo platform, you need to decide if you want a free or a paid one. The primary difference between free and paid online storage services is the amount of storage space. If you intend on uploading small-sized files and folders, a free online photo platform may be the best choice for you. However, you may want to pay a monthly or yearly subscription to access more valuable capacities for professional work.


Online photo platforms are the future of visual content storage. There are plenty of benefits that these online storage services offer. However, you have to find the best storage platforms to enjoy the full benefits. Follow the tips above, among others, to choose the best online photo platform that would suit your needs and requirements.