CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used to work on the design of a page and more broadly a website. And as in any good SEO strategy, CSS and other factors must be worked on so as not to slow down SEO.

Content and design for natural referencing

CSS allows you to modify the location of content on a page. Thus, it is possible to adapt their positioning to appeal to search engines, which focus more on the text at the top of a page. But be careful not to exaggerate, we remind you that in 2013 more than ever the content must be designed for the user: placing a text block on the top of each page will certainly be good for robots, but less so for Internet users. It is therefore necessary to know how to mix the elements. At the design level, CSS makes it possible to manage the notion of responsive design, which Google considers to be the preferred concept. It is therefore better to go in his direction. In addition, by separating HTML from CSS, it reduces the loading time of the site and its content to facilitate indexing, which has the effect of improving natural referencing. Lightening the weight of your site in terms of code will also allow you to index more pages and faster.

CSS errors to avoid for natural referencing

While CSS allows many possibilities, not all of them are good to take (even if they seem tempting) at the risk of harming natural referencing. For example, choosing to hide content, for example, is particularly driven out by Google, which could consider the site as SPAM and punish it on its natural referencing. Creating a code file full of keywords and making it visible only to search engines is therefore not a good option! The structure of a site is crucial for SEO, and so is the structure of its content. To understand or make the content of a page or article understood, the easiest way to do so is to use Hn markup. When writing and optimizing a page, the question of these tags comes up every time. And for good reason, they are essential to build an on-site SEO and a quality UX for your content! In this article, we propose to come back in detail on the interest of Hn markup and the best practices to adopt to get the most out of it.